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'The Long' Dough Bowl Candle

$ 65.00

Our Long Dough Bowls are the perfect size to add a hint of rustic light to your existing decor, as well as small spaces!

Dough bowl candles are becoming quite the trend lately! We use hand-carved dough bowls as our candle vessels. Before filling with wax, we coat the inside of the vessel with a flame-resistant coating, to ensure a safe candle-burning experience. 

 Since the dough bowls are hand-carved, and no two bowls are the same, each dough bowl will hold a slightly different amount of wax.  Each 'Long' dough bowl holds around two pounds of wax, has 5 - 6 of our signature, crackling wooden wicks and burns for 10 - 20 hours. These amounts vary, based on the shape and thickness of each handmade dough bowl. The average dimension of this dough bowl is 6 - 7 inches wide and 18 - 20 inches long.  

After you are finished burning their candle, with a little bit of elbow-grease and hot water, the dough bowl can be used as a holder for decorative objects, dried flowers, or other home decor pieces!

*DELIVERY: Our Dough Bowl Candles have been such a hit lately (THANK YOU to our amazing clients... we <3 you!), that we now have a hard time keeping them in stock! That being said, it may take 1 - 2 weeks for your dough bowl order to ship. If you need your candle before this time, please notate this in the comments section and we will do our best to work with you on this request! Thank you!!

Scent Blends - Autumn (September 1 - October 31):

  • Fallen Leaves: Earthy + Nutty

    Crisp apple and citrus combine with nutty pecans overtop of earthy chrysanthemum and leaves to blend into the perfect fall anthem. .

  • Toasted Pumpkin Spice: Smooth + Spicy

    A warm, modern twist on an autumn classic! Freshly toasted nutmeg, cinnamon and ground cloves are artfully folded into a silky blend of smokey pumpkin and fresh vanilla beans.

  • Sea Salt + Teakwood: Salty + Exotic

    Airy sea salt contrasts with thick musk, spicy ginger & rustic teakwood to produce a bold, exotic beach aroma.

  • White Sandalwood + Smoke: Cozy + Intimate
Black smoke mingles with  antique leather, bold incense, thick cardamom atop of mysterious oud and sultry sandalwood for an intoxicating aroma.
  • Unscented: Pure Ambience 

A Dough Bowl Candle, without any fragrance for a pure, scent-free experience.

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Pure. Safe. Clean-Burning.

We truly believe that natural is the best way.  Our parent company, Glambitious, was founded on this principle, and Applewood Candle Co., Shower Brew Soap and Natural Gentleman were created with the same founding principles.  Our mission is to provide our clientele with a collection of healthy, natural products.  We've made our client's search for healthy skincare and candles easy, by providing them with our handmade, quality items.

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