What is included in the Sympathy Gift Box?

We have three Sympathy Gift Boxes to choose from. The contents vary based on the Sympathy Gift Set that you choose:

  1. THE LUXURY - This gift box includes (1) luxury vessel candle, (1) travel tin candle, (1) wick trimmer, (1) candle snuffer, (1) set of matches and (1) card of your choosing, which we can handwrite using your desired message.  Everything above is artfully wrapped in a glossy white gift box with a beautiful, hand-tied satin bow. (a $56 value)
  2. THE PREMIER -  This gift box includes (1) luxury vessel candle, (1) wick trimmer, (1) set of matches and (1) card of your choosing, which we can handwrite using your desired message.  Everything above is artfully wrapped in a glossy white gift box with a beautiful, hand-tied satin bow. (a $84 value)
  3. THE MINI -  This gift box includes (1) travel tin candle, (1) candle snuffer, (1) set of matches and (1) card of your choosing, which we can handwrite using your desired message.  Everything above is artfully wrapped in a glossy white gift box with a beautiful, hand-tied satin bow. (a $116 value)

Can I customize the Sympathy Gift Box?

Yes! Each set is custom tailored to include the scent(s) and card that you choose - we select the candle accessory and match color (if you have a preference, include it after your card message and we will use those colors, if we have them in stock).  

How can I add a personal message to the Sympathy Gift Box?

We will hand-write out your personalized card message in the card of your choosing - just be sure to include this message in the Order Notes section of the checkout page. This way, This way, the Sympathy Gift Box recipient will feel the extra thought and care put into their thoughtful gift.

Are the candles in the Sympathy Gift Box eco-friendly and sustainable sourced?

1000% yes! Applewood Candle Co. is a clean home fragrance collection that invites indulgence, without sacrificing wellness.  We believe you should never have to choose between beauty & quality, especially when it comes to the comforts of home. Free from toxins found in traditional candles, our artfully-inspired scents transform raw ingredients into refined elegance. Experience pure, luxury fragrance - sustainably sourced & consciously crafted from wax to wick. 

Our Applewood Standard includes:

  • COCONUT-SOY WAX - Natural, clean-burning wax made with plant-based renewable resources.
  • CRACKLING WOODEN WICKS - Sustainably-sourced, uncoated wood from FSC-certified mills.
  • PURE FRAGRANCES - Hand-blended with everything you want & nothing you don't.
  • SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING - Reusable, recyclable designs with FSC-certified paper & soy ink.
  • TOXIN-FREE FORMULA - Made without phthalates, parabens, carcinogens, prop 65 chemicals, mutagens & toxins.

Is gift wrapping included?

We hand-package each gift set in a glossy white gift box, with a hand-tied satin bow. It truly looks beautiful! We then tuck the card under the bow for an elegant aesthetic. 

When will my order ship?

Gift boxes ship within one week - if you need your order to ship sooner, please give us a heads up by letting us know in the Order Notes section (below your card message) and we will do our very best to accommodate! 

Do you provide a tracking number for delivery?

Yes, as soon as your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number. We predominantly ship via UPS. Please allow up to 48 hours for your tracking number to be updated with an estimated delivery date.

Can I schedule the delivery date?

Unfortunately, once the Sympathy Gift Box ships, it is up to the shipping company as to when it will be delivered. While we can normally take a good guess as to when the package will be delivered, instances such as bad weather, weekends and holidays can all impact the final delivery date. If you do include the desired delivery date in the order notes section, we can try to ship it on a day where it will arrive on-time (using our best guess)!

Why send a sympathy gift?

Sending a sympathy gift is a caring and thoughtful gesture, intending to express condolences and support to someone who is in the grieving process.  Sending a sympathy gift shows the recipient that you care and that they are not alone, during this difficult time in their life.  It is a way of acknowledging the pain and offering a gesture of love and support.

What makes this Sympathy Gift Box a good fit? 

Sending our Sympathy Gift Box is a gesture that shows you care and that they are not along - while expressing your condolences, love and support. Here are compelling reasons why someone should choose our Sympathy Gift Box:

  1. Comfort and Solace: Candles are often associated with creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere - the soft glow of a candle, paired with our crackling wooden wicks, can provide comfort and solace during a period of grief. Candles are symbolic in many cultures, representing light in times of darkness. They can symbolize hope, remembrance, and the enduring spirit of the person who has passed away.

  2. Thoughtful and Custom Tailored: The Sympathy Gift Box is designed to reflect your support and condolences. With carefully chosen items like candles, a candle accessory, and matches, each set feels personalized and tailored for a thoughtful gift for a grieving recipient. You choose which scent and card you'd like for us to include, for a truly tailored approach.

  3. Ships Directly - with a Handwritten Card: Whether you're sending to a friend or loved one who is near or sending to another state, our Sympathy Gift Box will arrive directly to their doorstep. It's a small gesture that is intended to bring a smile to their face during a very difficult time, no matter the distance. We even write out the card message for you - just include your card message in the 'Order Notes' section, and we will handwrite it out on your choice of card.

  4. Long-lasting Enjoyment: While sending flowers as a sympathy gift is the normal 'go-to,' our Sympathy Gift Set was designed to last more than a week.  The inclusion of our clean-burning, luxury candles and accessories ensures that the recipient can continue to burn their candle for their entire season of grief. It becomes a lasting reminder of the person who sent the thoughtful gift.

  5. Unique and Elegant Presentation: The glossy box and decorative bow add a touch of elegance to the gift, making it feel special and provide a feeling of comfort. 

In essence, sending our Sympathy Gift Box is a way to express genuine care, and provide your love and condolences to someone feeling pain and sorrow.

Do you offer bulk orders for corporate or client gifting?

Yes, we do offer custom Gift Boxes for client gifts and corporate gifts. Each set is created to match your brand colors, and includes your logo.  Please send an email to for additional details and a copy of our Custom Gift Box Catalog.

What is your return policy?

Currently, we are unable to accept returns, however we aim to ensure customer satisfaction and address any issues promptly. If you do have a question, please send us an email at