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Celebrate the magic of birthdays with our Birthday Gift Box Collection, crafted to be the perfect birthday gift for all of the special people in your life. Encased in a glossy box adorned with a satin bow, our Birthday Gift Box go beyond being a mere gift – they embody a complete birthday celebration in one package.  This Birthday Gift Box in our Premier size includes a luxury vessel candle, a wick trimmer and a set of matches, ensuring the recipient can illuminate their special day and many more to come! Whether it's a surprise for a loved one nearby or a thoughtful gift for someone far away, this gift box is sure to make their day extraordinary.

Our Mini Birthday Gift Box is perfectly petite, and is just the right size for expressing a token of appreciation.  Each Mini Birthday Gift Box includes a Travel Candle, a candle snuffer, a set of matches and your choice of card. Our team will handwrite out your exact message, and can ship directly to the recipient!

This Gift Box Includes...

  • Travel Candle (a 6 ounce candle in a colored metal tin, boasting a 25+ hour burn time)
  • Candle Snuffer (in either black or gold)
  • Set of Matches 
  • Card of your Choice (**please type card message on check-out page)

Wrapped in a white glossy gift box, with a beautiful satin bow.

(a $56 value)

Customize your Gift Box - Choose your Scent: 


Juicy grapefruit, garden mint, a touch of elegant florals & sandalwood mingle together for the perfect combination of fresh & earthy.

Choose this scent if you want to gift a scent that is fresh and inviting - this blend is perfect for both the kitchen and half-bath. Also, this is our founder's all-time favorite scent!

This scent comes in a creamy white travel tin.


Warm cashmere mingles with vanilla bean, soft florals & amber to create the ultimate cozy ambience.

Choose this scent if you do not know someone's scent preference, or if you desire a lighter scent.

This scent comes in a grey travel tin.


Fresh cut lilacs and earthy leaves intermingle with sparkling citrus and woodsy sandalwood for an irresistible combination.

Choose this scent if you want a cheerful and spring-forward gift box! This is also our most popular scent for bridal-themed gift box and around Mother's Day! One of our most feminine scent blends.

This scent comes in a creamy white travel tin.


Airy sea salt contrasts with thick musk, spicy ginger and rustic teakwood to produce a bold, exotic beach aroma.

Choose this scent if you desire a strong scent. This blend is one of our most popular, bestselling scents!

This scent comes in a creamy white travel tin.


A rich & nostalgic blend of warm amber, deep musk, antique leather & white santal create a blend that embodies true luxury.

Choose this scent if you are gifting to a male, or someone who loves a deep, masculine scent.  This blend is very cozy and warm!

This scent comes in a grey travel tin.

Customize your Gift Box - Choose your Card: 


A fun and playful choice, this card reads 'Happy Birthday To You' in festive colors of teal, fuchsia, and our personal favorite, a brushed gold.  The inside is blank, to include your hand-written, personalized message.


A more formal and classic option, this card reads 'Happy Birthday' in a tasteful, periwinkle cursive.    The inside is blank, to include your hand-written, personalized message.


What is included in the Birthday Gift Box?

We have three Birthday Gift Boxes to choose from. The contents vary based on the Birthday Gift Set that you choose:

  1. THE LUXURY - This gift box includes (1) luxury vessel candle, (1) travel tin candle, (1) wick trimmer, (1) candle snuffer, (1) set of matches and (1) card of your choosing, which we can handwrite using your desired message.  Everything above is artfully wrapped in a glossy white gift box with a beautiful, hand-tied satin bow. (a $56 value)
  2. THE PREMIER -  This gift box includes (1) luxury vessel candle, (1) wick trimmer, (1) set of matches and (1) card of your choosing, which we can handwrite using your desired message.  Everything above is artfully wrapped in a glossy white gift box with a beautiful, hand-tied satin bow. (a $84 value)
  3. THE MINI -  This gift box includes (1) travel tin candle, (1) candle snuffer, (1) set of matches and (1) card of your choosing, which we can handwrite using your desired message.  Everything above is artfully wrapped in a glossy white gift box with a beautiful, hand-tied satin bow. (a $116 value)

Can I customize the Birthday Gift Box?

Yes! Each set is custom tailored to include the scent(s) and card that you choose - we select the candle accessory and match color (if you have a preference, include it after your card message and we will use those colors, if we have them in stock).  

How can I add a personal message to the Birthday Gift Box?

We will hand-write out your personalized card message in the card of your choosing - just be sure to include this message in the Order Notes section of the checkout page. This way, This way, the Birthday Gift Box recipient will feel the extra thought and care put into their special gift.

Are the candles in the Birthday Gift Box eco-friendly and sustainable sourced?

1000% yes! Applewood Candle Co. is a clean home fragrance collection that invites indulgence, without sacrificing wellness.  We believe you should never have to choose between beauty & quality, especially when it comes to the comforts of home. Free from toxins found in traditional candles, our artfully-inspired scents transform raw ingredients into refined elegance. Experience pure, luxury fragrance - sustainably sourced & consciously crafted from wax to wick. 

Our Applewood Standard includes:

  • COCONUT-SOY WAX - Natural, clean-burning wax made with plant-based renewable resources.
  • CRACKLING WOODEN WICKS - Sustainably-sourced, uncoated wood from FSC-certified mills.
  • PURE FRAGRANCES - Hand-blended with everything you want & nothing you don't.
  • SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING - Reusable, recyclable designs with FSC-certified paper & soy ink.
  • TOXIN-FREE FORMULA - Made without phthalates, parabens, carcinogens, prop 65 chemicals, mutagens & toxins.

Is gift wrapping included?

We hand-package each gift set in a glossy white gift box, with a hand-tied satin bow. It truly looks beautiful! We then tuck the card under the bow for a elegant aesthetic. 

When will my order ship?

Gift boxes ship within one week - if you need your order to ship sooner, please give us a heads up by letting us know in the Order Notes section (below your card message) and we will do our very best to accommodate! 

Do you provide a tracking number for delivery?

Yes, as soon as your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number. We predominantly ship via UPS. Please allow up to 48 hours for your tracking number to be updated with an estimated delivery date.

Can I schedule the delivery date, like the recipient's birthday?

Unfortunately, once the Birthday Gift Box ships, it is up to the shipping company as to when it will be delivered. While we can normally take a good guess as to when the package will be delivered, instances such as bad weather, weekends and holidays can all impact the final delivery date. If you do include the desired delivery date in the order notes section, we can try to ship it on a day where it will arrive on-time (using our best guess)!

Why send a birthday gift?

Sending a gift on someone's birthday is a guaranteed way to show then that you care! Whether it is a family member, friend, or a client, everyone loves to be spoiled on their special day - we make it easy to send this special gesture with our Birthday Gift Box.

What makes this birthday gift box a good fit? 

Sending our Birthday Gift Box is a gesture that goes beyond the ordinary, providing a unique and thoughtful way to celebrate the special people in your life. Here are compelling reasons why someone should choose our Birthday Gift Set:

  1. Luxurious Experience: Our meticulously curated sets are more than just gifts; they encapsulate an entire birthday celebration. From the elegant packaging to the clean-burning candle inside, it's a ready-to-gift experience that ensures a memorable celebration.

  2. Thoughtful and Custom Tailored: The Birthday Gift Box is designed to reflect your consideration and thoughtfulness. With carefully chosen items like candles, a candle accessory, and matches, each set feels personalized and tailored for the birthday girl or boy's enjoyment. You choose which scent and card you'd like for us to include, for a truly tailored approach.

  3. Ships Directly - with a Handwritten Card: Whether you're surprising a loved one who is near or sending to another state, our Birthday Gift Box is a fun surprise for anyone. It's a delightful way to make someone's day, no matter the distance. We even write out the card message for you - just include your card message in the 'Order Notes' section, and we will handwrite it out on your choice of card.

  4. Long-lasting Enjoyment: The inclusion of our clean-burning, luxury candles and accessories ensures that the recipient can continue to enjoy the gift for many days after their birthday. It becomes a lasting reminder of the special celebration and the person who sent the thoughtful gift.

  5. Unique and Elegant Presentation: The glossy box and decorative bow add a touch of elegance to the gift, making it stand out and feel extra special. The recipient not only receives their new favorite candle, but also a visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing package.

In essence, sending our Birthday Gift Box is a way to express genuine care, create lasting memories, and bring joy to someone's special day in a uniquely thoughtful manner!

Do you offer bulk orders for corporate or client gifting?

Yes, we do offer custom Gift Boxes for client gifts and corporate gifts. Each set is created to match your brand colors, and includes your logo.  Please send an email to for additional details and a copy of our Custom Gift Box Catalog.

What is your return policy?

Currently, we are unable to accept returns, however we aim to ensure customer satisfaction and address any issues promptly. If you do have a question, please send us an email at 


Pinch the black portion of the wick between your thumb and index finger and remove before re-lighting candle - or, use a wick trimmer! Our wick trimmers are made just for us, and are strong enough to cut through wooden wicks.  They are also designed to cut the wick to be the perfect height. Open your wick trimmer, rest the bottom on the top of the wax and snip for the perfect 1/8 - 3/16" wick! 

Failure to trim your wick can cause the candle to extinguish itself, or in contrast, the candle flame could burn too high. 

If your candle flame is burning too high (over 1 inch), you are burning your candle in a drafty location, or your wick has not been trimmed enough. In this case, extinguish your candle and trim the wick shorter. Allow melt pool to fully solidify, and then relight. 


  • Always trim your wick to 1/8 inch before relighting to maintain a safe flame height.
  • Never leave your candle unattended - extinguish all candles when you leave a room or before going to sleep. 
  • A burning candle should not be used as a nightlight.
  • Never keep your candle lit for longer than 4 hours.
  • Wait, at least, 6 hours before relighting a candle that has already been lit that same day.
  • Always extinguish the wicks when melt pool has almost reached the sides of the vessel. 
  • Keep lit candle away from drafts, ceiling fans, air sources, etc.
  • Burn candle on a level fire-resistant surface.
  • Never place a burning candle near clothing, paper products, curtains or anything flammable.
  • Never leave your candle where it could be reached or knocked over by children or pets. 
  • Discontinue use when silver wick clips are visible, or a 1/2 inch of wax remains at the bottom of the vessel. 
  • If lighting more than one candle at a time, keep candles at least 6 inches apart from one another.


Be sure to keep your candle lit long enough for the melted wax to almost reach the sides of the vessel.  This is called a full melt pool. This process could take 2 - 4 hours to be achieved. 

A characteristic of coconut-soy wax is that a full melt pool is sometimes not achieved until you get half-way through the life of your candle - and that is ideal!  A major benefit of our switch to coconut-soy wax, is that this wax is a little more forgiving and, most times, does self-correct. This also results in a candle with a longer burn time.


An ideal candle burn time is between 2 and 4 hours - if burned longer your candle may overheat, which breaks down the scent particles. Burning your candle for longer than 4 hours could also cause the candle to burn too hot, which is extremely dangerous. 


Our sustainable wax is 100% pure and additive-free. A natural characteristic of soy is that it discolors when exposed to light (both natural and artificial). Keep candle out of direct light to maintain creamy white coloring.


When only 1/2 inch of wax remains in the vessel (or you see the silver wick clip), your candle is finished. To clean out remaining wax, carefully pour hot water into vessel and allow to sit until water cools. Wax will melt and float to top of vessel. Repeat, if needed. Clean with papertowel & dishsoap. Let dry and restyle your new vessel!

Almost all of our vessels can be reused! We suggest reusing our jar or tin vessels as flower vases, succulent vessels, desk decor, etc.  We also suggest reusing your dough bowls for holiday decor, etc.


Our most high-end vessel, holding 13 ounces of wax and boasts a 60+ hour burn time. The Luxury Candle comes enclosed in a linen dust and box. This vessel comes in an array of hues and finishes, from beautiful and bold pops of color to a chic and neutral hue.


Our most popular candle vessel, this elegant, clear vessel holds 9 ounces of wax and boasts a 40+ hour burn time. Candle comes enclosed in a linen dust and box.


Perfect for on-the-go, this candle is meant to be taken wherever you go! This durable metal tin holds 6 ounces of wax and boasts a 20+ hour burn time. 


A room and linen spray, this mist will provide a flame-free burst of scent that lingers for days.  Our Luxury Mist comes in a chic clear glass bottle with a gold mist top, enclosed in a linen dust bag and box.


While candles provide a strong burst of fragrance when lit, reed diffusers produce a light, continual hint of fragrance at all hours of the day.  Our Reed Diffuser comes in a classic, thick-walled clear glass bottle, accented with a metallic gold lip and your choice of reed color, enclosed in a linen dust and box.

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