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Wax Melter: Artisan

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Our Artisan Melter boasts a bronze-colored dish overtop of a cream base with embossed geometric pattern, with hints of blue.  A wax warmer allows you to enjoy the fragrance of a lit candle without the flame - perfect for homes with small children or curious furry friends, while also providing a aesthetic that compliments your decor.

All of our wax melters are a 2-in-1 style warmer which allows you to warm your wax melts in the dish, or (by removing the dish), you can warm your jar and tin candles directly on the warming plate (if doing so, please remove the warning sticker on the bottom of the candle, while taking notes that all warnings provided on the sticker are still applicable).  Simply place your favorite candle on the warming plate, or add wax melts to the dish, turn the warmer on and enjoy your favorite Applewood fragrance as it spreads throughout your home.

Dimensions: 4" (h) x 4.5" (w)


Our most high-end vessel, holding 13 ounces of wax and boasts a 45+ hour burn time. Candle comes enclosed in a linen dust and box.


Our most popular candle vessel, this elegant, clear vessel holds 9 ounces of wax and boasts a 40+ hour burn time. Candle comes enclosed in a linen dust and box.


Perfect for on-the-go, this candle is meant to be taken wherever you go! This durable metal tin holds 6 ounces of wax and boasts a 15+ hour burn time. 


A room and linen spray, this mist will provide a flame-free burst of scent that lingers for days.  Our Luxury Mist comes in a chic clear glass bottle with a gold mist top, enclosed in a linen dust bag and box.


While candles provide a strong burst of fragrance when lit, reed diffusers produce a light, continual hint of fragrance at all hours of the day.  Our Reed Diffuser comes in a classic, thick-walled clear glass bottle, accented with a metallic gold lip and your choice of reed color, enclosed in a linen dust and box.


Be sure to keep your candle lit long enough for the melted wax to almost reach the sides of the vessel.  This is called a full melt pool. This process could take 2 - 4 hours to be achieved. 

One new coincidence we've noticed with our new coconut-soy blend of wax is that a full melt pool is sometimes not achieved until you get half-way through the life of your candle - and that is a-okay!  A major benefit of our switch to coconut-soy wax, is that this wax is a little more forgiving and, most times, does self-correct!


Pinch the black portion of the wick between your thumb and index finger and remove before re-lighting candle.

Failure to do so can cause the candle to extinguish itself. You may even melt a bit of the wax around the wick with your lighter before lighting wick, to assist the wax flow, which helps keep candle lit.


Never leave your candle unattended (always be in the same room as your candle), keep away from drafts, burn on a level fire-resistant surface and always extinguish the wicks when melt pool has almost reached the sides of the vessel.  Never leave your candle where it could be reached by children or pets. 

Discontinue use when silver wick clips are visible, or a 1/2 inch of wax remains at the bottom of the vessel. 


An ideal candle burn time is between 2 and 4 hours - if burned longer your candle may overheat, will not burn as clean and could cause serious harm.


Our sustainable wax is 100% pure and additive-free. A natural characteristic of soy is that it discolors when exposed to light (both natural and artificial). Keep candle out of direct light to maintain creamy white coloring.


When only 1/2 inch of wax remains in the vessel (or you see the silver wick clip), your candle is finished. To clean out remaining wax, carefully pour hot water into vessel and allow to sit until water cools. Wax will melt and float to top of vessel. Repeat, if needed. Clean with papertowel & dishsoap. Let dry and restyle your new vessel!

Almost all of our vessels can be reused! We suggest reusing our jar or tin vessels as flower vases, succulent vessels, desk decor, etc.  We also suggest reusing your dough bowls for holiday decor, etc.

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