All candles are not the same... not even close!

Applewood Candles are thoughtfully-curated and hand-poured from safe, pure, non-toxic raw materials that provide a clean-burning candle experience.



Our coconut-soy wax is sustainably created in the USA with soy purchased from local, U.S. farmers. Our wax is biodegradable, natural and made from only renewable resources.




Our wicks are made from uncoated, natural wood from Sappy Fruit trees. All wood is sustainable sourced from FSC-certified mills, right here in the United States. For every 200 wicks purchased from our supplier, a tree is planted on our behalf (yes... that's a LOT of trees planted on our behalf).





Our scent blends are a mix of oils free of phthalates, parabens, prop 65 ingredients. They are also cruelty-free and vegan.  

While this may seem like a 'no brainer,' many candles on the market are made with fragrances that contain the above toxins.... heck, they may even be labeled as 'pure,' 'soy,' or 'vegetable wax' candles when they are only using a small percentage of the labeled ingredient... marketing has gotten creative.  

My mission is to create clean, safe candles that my clients can feel comfortable burning in their homes, due to the pure, high-quality ingredients that I use! 

My goal is that you experience a clean and luxurious candle-burning experience, as well as feel the love poured into each candle (no pun intended), each and every time you burn an Applewood Candle!