Custom-Branded, Client Gift Sets

Custom-Branded, Client Gift Sets Make the Best Holiday Gift

Stumped on what to gift your clients this year? Looking for something that your clients will love, but also represents your business? We've got you covered!

Our 'ready-to-gift,' custom-branded sets are back for the second year in a row! 

Custom-Branded, Client Gift Sets, three gift sets

If you didn't know, gifting is my love language! I love being able to find the perfect gift for the special family, friends and clients in my life - it brings me so much joy to put together something that I know they'll love and cherish! But, I know that for many others, gifting is TOUGH, and doesn't come as naturally. 

This sparked my idea to make the month of October our 'Client Gifting' month! 

I created this program so that other business owners/professionals can spend the last quarter of the year focusing on what they do best (aka, their business,) and in turn, we'll handle your holiday gifting needs for you!  

Client gifting for the holiday season is an opportunity to strengthen your business relationships and show appreciation to your clients. By selecting thoughtful gifts and presenting them with care, you can create a lasting impression and foster loyalty.  Remember, the key is to make your clients feel valued and appreciated during this special time of year!

When working with us, you'll answer a few simple questions, and then can mark client gifting off of your 'to do' list!


  1. Select your Gift Set Size

    1. MINI - a smaller gift set, at a lower price point, designed to be the perfect set to gift to vendors you would like to work with, or for someone who you would like to network with further!

    2. PREMIER - a true beauty, this set is perfect for all of your clients! With tons of space on the front of our large luxury vessel candle, your client will always be reminded of your company (especially since this candle boast a 60+ hour burn, making sure it sticks around for months to come)! A great reminder of your business, every time your client lights their new favorite scented candle.

    3. LUXURY - a set to IMPRESS! Our Luxury Gift Set contains our luxury vessel candle and a room/linen spray, both custom-branded for you. It also includes a wick trimmer and set of matches for a true home fragrance set that will make anyone's holiday season brighter! We suggest gifting to your top clients and referral partners!

    4. VIP - a great gift for agencies and offices, this set contains 8 custom-branded candles, and 8 candle accessories. Designed to be gifted and shared with many people in a single office, agency or co-working space! A great example would be dropping off in a doctor's office that refers you often, or in a real estate office that refers their clients to your title company often.

  2. Pick your Theme

    1. HOLIDAY - our Holiday theme is accented with pops of emerald greeb and scarlet red, and includes our festive Cinnamon + Vanilla scent blend

    2. NEW YEARS - our New Years theme is accented with pops of metallic gold and matte black, and includes our cozy Frosted Eucalyptus + Pine scent blend
    3. WINTER - our Winter theme is accented with pops of navy blue and metallic gold, and includes our client-favorite, Blue Spruce + Cypress scent blend
  3. Choose How We'll be Branding your Gift Sets

    1. DESIGNED EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU - send us your logo and we'll handle the rest! You'll receive multiple label options to choose from, and are offered one round of revisions to ensure that your custom label represents you and your brand perfectly!

    2. DIY BRANDED - we'll provide you with templates, and you'll add your logo, fonts and any verbiage on your own. For those fluent in designing their own offerings and who want full control of how their label is designed.

  4. Decide if You'd Like a Handwritten Card Included

    • Consider adding a handwritten note or card in each box to express your gratitude and well wishes for the holiday season! We'll include this card on the top of each gift set, so that this is the first thing your client opens.

    • Don't have enough time to order cards or handwrite each one out? We can do that, too! Just provide us with your standard message, and we'll write and sign each card for you (and don't worry, we won't take the credit!) 

  5. Make Your List - and Check it Twice!

    • Compile your list of who you need to gift to this year. Our sets make the perfect gift for...

      • Current Clients

      • Prospective / Potential Clients

      • Vendors You Wish to Curate a Relationship With

      • Past Clients (in hopes they will become current clients again!)

      • Referral Partners

      • Team Members / Employees

    • We know you've written your list, and have checked it twice, but sometimes a last minute client pops up on the books, or you receive a referral you didn't expect - it isn't a bad idea to order a few extra gift sets so you have them! It is always easier to add one now, than try to come up with an extra gift later! 

  6. Let Us Play Santa for You (or Choose to Play Santa Yourself!)

    • The holidays get busier and busier each year - let us play Santa for you! We'll ship each of you gift sets out, directly to your clients, between the end of November and the first two weeks in December.

    • Want to use the gift set as an excuse to 'pop in' for a visit with someone! We can ship your gift sets to you for distribution, or you can pick them up the first week in December from us in Clinton Township, MI. 


While our custom branded gift sets make a beautiful gift for your current clients, they are also an ideal gift for team members, referral partners, prospective clients and/or vendors you hope to curate a relationship with, and past clients who you hope to begin working with again!



During the holiday season, it's essential to show your appreciation to your clients. Client gifting is not only a kind gesture but also a strategic move to strengthen your business relationships. By sending thoughtful gifts, you can express gratitude, foster loyalty, and leave a lasting impression on your clients.



Traditionally, client gifts are capped at a $25 tax deduction, per recipient, per year.

However, add your company logo to your gift, to categorize it as an advertising and marketing expense, making it 100% tax deductible.

- THE FINE PRINT - For additional details, please consult your CPA, as we are not tax experts and the above should be taken as guidance but not formal advice.



First, we'll make sure you LOVE your custom gift sets, and you won't have to lift a finger - they're luxurious and beautiful and we know anyone you gift them to will feel appreciated and grateful for you!

Secondly, we use only the highest quality, clean ingredients so that ANYONE can use our candles in their home! If you didn't know, I started making candles because my dog, Magnolia, had allergies to the candles I was purchasing and burning in our home. We use the below ingredients to create a candle that is high-quality, clean-burning and provides a luxurious experience every time:


Our coconut-soy wax is sustainably made in the USA with soy purchased from local farmers.


Our wicks are made from uncoated, natural wood from Sappy Fruit trees. All wood is sustainable sourced from FSC-certified mills.


Our scent blends are a mix of oils free of phthalates, parabens, prop 65 ingredients, carcinogens, mutagens, acute toxins, reproductive toxins and organ toxins. They are also cruelty-free and vegan.


But don't just take our word for it! We asked a few of our Holiday 2022 clients about their experience working with Applewood Candle Co. for their gifting needs - below is what they had to say:

  • “Working with Applewood Candle Co. made for the most hands-off gifting season I've ever experienced. Needless to say, I loved it. Allison is hands on, notices the small details, and really cares about the client experience.  The process, from beginning to end, is easy and seamless and our clients LOVED their holiday gifts!” - Chelsea Flowers, Scott Social (Scottsdale, AZ)

  • “As a luxury advisory firm it's imperative that our clients feel every detail we put into their experience, including holiday gifts.  Applewood Candle Co. not only creates the most beautiful products for us, but they take all of the pressure off my team during a busy Q4! Clients rave about their candles and we couldn't be more appreciative for the attention to detail Allison's team delivers! We are so grateful to partner with them not just during the holidays but year round for client gifts!” - Jessica Marx, Tailored Premier (San Diego, CA)

  • “Allison’s attention to detail, the quality of these candles, and her customer service are all top-notch. Applewood Candle Co. has made client gifting a breeze for me. My clients can't stop raving about these incredible candles, and honestly, I can't blame them. The clean ingredients, amazing scent, and beautiful vessel make it truly stand above the rest. I'm totally obsessed with my candle, and it's the only one I want to use from now on!” - Marisa Mangum, November Design Studio (Boise, ID)

Next Steps

If you're ready to get started, send us an email at and fill out THIS form.

Have more questions, you can email us any questions at, and also check out our Holiday Gifting Deck HERE.

We can't wait to make this holiday season extra special for you and your clients!



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