Enhance your wedding day by infusing the air with a bespoke, signature scent - curated just for you!

We specialize in hand-blending unique, bespoke blends here at Applewood. Our team will work with you to create a signature scent that is truly just as unique as your love story!  

We'll begin the process by determining which individual scent notes and accords you each prefer, as well as decide on an overarching 'scent style,' that keeps your wedding date, aesthetic and vibe in mind.  Next, our team will blend 6 custom blends, based on your preferences. You and your partner will be able to then choose your final bespoke blend. Finally, our team will test for safety and scent strength, before pouring your scent into your wedding vessels.

Please note, this process can take anywhere from 4-6 months - please keep this in mind, so we can properly fit this process into your wedding timeline.