It All Started with a Pup...

If you know me personally, you know that my life revolves around my golden retriever, Magnolia! She truly is the sweetest girl (with a whole lot of sass)!

A few years back, I brought Magnolia home and immediately she was showing signs of having major allergies.  However, it was spring time in Michigan, so who didn't have allergies?  But, as a few seasons passed, and after trying tons of prescription medications, Maggie's allergies weren't getting any better.  Maggie is the queen of health issues, so due to a few other issues we had her up at Michigan State's Veterinary Center.  After a few visits, they suggested I try removing all fragrance from my house.  I wasn't a fan of the plug-in fragrances, but I was known for coming home and lighting a candle each night after work.  But, in following 'doctor's orders' I stopped lighting candles, stashed the candles in the hall closet and gave it a few weeks.  To my surprise, Magnolia's allergies improved a TON! 

I ditched all of my store-bought candles and decided we were going to live a candle-free life.  However, the smell of wet dog turned out to be quite unpleasant, and I began missing my candles more and more each day! Finally, I decided I would make candles... this way, I would know exactly what was in them and could ensure it would be only high-quality, safe materials.  If you didn't know, I started a bath and body company when I was 12, so I have a bit of a history with candles, as I did have them in my line for a short while.  I spent months doing research and finally ordered some clean ingredients.  Each ingredient was so different, and after months and months of testing, I was able to come up with a combination of materials that burned clean and produced (in my opinion) the perfect candle!

Now, as I make candles, Magnolia is usually underfoot (or at least within sight of the kitchen), 'helping' me pour candles and is COMPLETELY allergy-free! Talk about the perfect helper <3