Custom Scented Candles | Your Own Signature Scent

One of my FAVORITE parts of my business is collaborating with other small businesses or clients who are hosting an event, looking for a client gift or want to explore their own line of candles to curate the PERFECT custom candle!

It brings me joy to create something that is truly special and unique!  

We have two custom options -


Custom branded candles are privately labeled candles, featuring scents that currently exist in our signature or seasonal product lines. We'll design the perfect label that fits your brand or event, and you'll choose your favorite scent blend from our existing lineup.

One-time Custom Setup Fee: $275 (per scent)

(includes one round of label revisions)

DIY Branding Fee: $100 (per scent)

(client is responsible for creating their own label in a timely fashion)


This option includes a scent that is 100% unique to you! We'll work together to come up with a one-of-a-kind scent that feels like an extension of you!

Exclusive Scent Creation and Testing: $550 per scent

(includes six custom scent blend options to choose from (based on your scent preferences) and full testing for one custom scent)

* Candles are purchased at a cost per vessel, with a minimum of 48 vessels, per scent *


If you’d like to move forward to partner with us on a custom candle, please send an email to with the below information:

  • Your contact information 
  • (3) Dates / Times to schedule a phone consultation
  • Examples of your current favorite scents and/or a scent theme you are envisioning 

I look forward to being able to creatively come up with the perfect favor, thank you gift or collective candle box for your next event, client gift or special moment!