Private Label Candles for Shops and Boutiques


Your own custom candle brand, without having to learn the ins-and-outs of the candle-making process! Our team at Applewood will work with you to curate the home fragrance collection of your dreams that will not only seamlessly fit into your shop aesthetic, but that will fly off the shelves and into your shopper's homes. 

We offer an array of vessel and scent options, so that you can find the perfect fit! 


  • Clean Ingredients: When I learned what traditional candles were made of, the first thing I thought of was the impact of burning candles on our pets, the rest of our families and the environment! We believe in using only high-quality, clean ingredients for a safe & healthy home.

  • Refined Luxury: A polished design & personal love for high-quality ingredients, we offer a luxurious spin on clean candles. We are passionate about providing a high level of refinement & sophistication both in the quality of our home fragrance, as well as the aesthetic presentation.

  • Attention to Detail: We provide a full-service, white glove experience for the client desiring the highest level of detail & care. From our linen textured labels to our blind embossed, smooth finish boxes, we want our clients to notice a new hidden detail each time they open one of our candles.

  • Custom Branding: From the selection of candle vessel and scent blend to the incorporation of your logo and branding elements, we offer endless customization options to bring your vision to life and create a truly unique and personalized candle that is entirely private labeled for you!


  1. Consultation: Get started by scheduling a consultation with our team to discuss your branding requirements, preferences, and budget.

  2. Customization: Choose from our selection of artfully-inspired scents (or work with us to create a custom scent) and expansive vessel choices to create a candle that will showcase your brand and fly off the shelves!

  3. Approval: Once we've finalized the design and customization details, we'll provide you with an estimate and label samples. 

  4. Production & Delivery: We handle the production and packaging of your private label candles with our white-glove service. We'll ensure that your candles are shipped by their deadline, so you can start selling as soon as you receive your brand new candles!


Private Label Candles start at $12.50 per candle, and our minimum order is 36 candles.


Ready to get started? Send us an email at to book your consultation.