Autumn Candle Sample Set

Fall Vibes Only – Autumn Sample Sets & Scent Layering

The start of fall is only days away. The leaves have already started to change to a golden yellow here in Michigan, and the air feels crisper!

Fall vibes are everywhere and at Applewood Candle Co., there is no exception!

In this blog, I’ll discuss our Autumn Sample Set and how it is the perfect set to try out scent layering!

Autumn Candle Sample Set

Our Autumn Sample Set

Our Autumn Sample Set is a limited-edition set of sample-sized candles that includes each of our four Autumn Collection blends. Each sample is poured into one of our clear glass, mini modern vessels. Each candle holds six ounces of wax and boasts a 30+ hour burn time.

Autumn Candle Sample Set

Sample sets are available until Halloween, October 31st.

The set is tastefully wrapped in a glossy white gift box and adorned with a bow. It truly makes for the perfect gift! We even offer the option to send a personal note to the recipient!

***Side note – this is an awesome gift to treat yourself to! And, we won’t tell!!

Our Autumn Collection and our Autumn Sample Set includes each of these four scent blends:

Palo Santo + Amber Clay

An earthy balance of juicy pomegranate, grounding palo santo, amber clay and red sandalwood create a fusion of warm and natural energy.

Personally, I like heavy sandalwood and wanted to showcase that here. For the rainy fall days ahead, Palo Santo + Amber Clay is a whole vibe.

Fall Candle

Raw Pumpkin + Clove

If you want a pure, fresh, and earthy pumpkin scent, Raw Pumpkin + Clove will wow you!

Ornamental pumpkins are artfully mixed with juicy blood orange and fresh persimmon, then infused with a cocktail of spicy ginger, ground cloves and rich cedar to create a fresh fall blend that is perfect for crisp, autumn evenings.

Fall Candle & Reed Diffuser

Smoked Oud + White Santal

A deep and inclusive combination of strong masculine notes of thick incense, alluring leather, smoked oud and white santal are playfully balanced by romantic notes of warm amber, sweet balsam and rich tonka bean.

Smoked Oud + White Santal combines a fresh, but smoky, woodsy aroma that produces a very moody scent. This is the perfect nighttime cozy candle to enjoy as you sit by the fire.

Fall Candle & Pumpkins

Toasted Pumpkin Spice

A warm, modern twist on an autumn classic! Freshly toasted nutmeg, cinnamon and ground cloves are artfully folded into a silky mixture of smokey pumpkin and fresh vanilla beans.

Hands down, this is one of our best sellers. If you’re looking for a gourmand pumpkin that smells sweet with the perfect blend of deep, warm notes, Toasted Pumpkin Spice will be your new favorite!

Fall Candle


Scent Layering

Create your perfect ambiance, through the art of scent layering.

Scent layering is an easy way to create the perfect scent for your desired ambiance – just choose two or three candles that reflect your current mood and light them at once! Be sure to space them out on the counter 6 - 12 inches away from one another. Your hot throws will combine and create a unique fusion.

Scent layering - 2 lit candles

Dive into a world of endless combinations, blending fragrances for every mood. Our Autumn Sample Set is perfect for scent layering! The four sample sized candles won’t overpower your home by lighting more than one at a time.

Here are a few combinations to get you started:

  • Raw Pumpkin + Clove AND Warm Amber + Santal
  • Palo Santo + Amber Clay AND Raw Pumpkin + Clove
  • Smoked Oud + White Santal AND Toasted Pumpkin Spice
  • Toasted Pumpkin Spice AND Sea Salt + Teakwood
  • Saffron + Tobacco AND Palo Santo + Amber Clay

Scent layering, 2 lit candles

Let our Autumn Sample Set enhance the fall days ahead!

I’d love to hear which scent layering blend is your favorite. Let us know by tagging us on social media and using the hashtag, #ApplewoodFallFave.

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