Our glass jar candles contain a glass lid and are packaged in a branded linen dust bag and a box, making for the perfect gift (and, yes, we 100% agree that you should gift them to yourself!).

Burn Time: 40+ hours
Wax Volume: 9 ounces
Vessel Dimensions: 


Our tin candles are the perfect 'on the go' travel candle, as they are easy to throw into your purse or luggage.  These candles are also the perfect way to test out a new blend! Tins are available in creamy white, gold, blush, sage, copper, black, navy and peach.  

Burn Time: 16+ hours
Wax Volume: 5.5 ounces
Vessel Dimensions: 


Our luxury mists contain our organic and wildcrafted room, linen and body spray mist.  Be sure to shake product prior to spraying, as this blend needs to be mixed well.  
Spray Volume: 4 ounces
Vessel Dimensions: 


Burn Time: Varies based on number of cubes used
Wax Volume: 3 ounces
Vessel Dimensions: 


Our dough bowl candles are comprised of a hand-carved, wooden dough bowl which has been coated with a fire-resistant coating in order to promote safe candle-burning (always be sure to follow our Candle Care instructions and watch your candle at all times).  Due to the hand-carved nature of these dough bowls, wax volume and vessel dimensions are estimated, as no two bowls are exactly the same.  This also correlates to burn time, as the depth of the bowl impacts the burn time.  

- MINI - 

Burn Time: 12 - 20 hours
Wax Volume: 1 pound
Vessel Dimensions: 6 inches wide X 9 inches long X 3 inches high

- LONG - 

Burn Time: 12 - 20 hours
Wax Volume: 2 - 3 pounds
Vessel Dimensions: 6 inches wide X 18 inches long X 3 inches high


Burn Time: 16 - 28 hours
Wax Volume: 7 - 8 pounds
Vessel Dimensions: 12 inches wide X 18 inches long X 3 inches high