Applewood Candle Co., It All Began With A Golden Retriever

Applewood Candle Co., It All Began With A Golden Retriever

If you know me personally, you know my life revolves around my Golden Retriever, Magnolia. Believe it or not, Applewood Candle Co. originated because of her.

Let me take you back to the beginning . . .

Throughout my childhood, we always had dogs. Golden Retrievers to be exact. It comes as no surprise that when I graduated from Northwood University and bought a condo, I had to get a Golden Retriever, to really make it a home. I’ll never forget the day I brought Magnolia home. It was May 21, 2017, and Magnolia was just seven weeks old. She was so little, fluffy, and cute. I instantly fell in love with her!


Applewood Candle Co. began with Golden Retriever dog

Upon bringing Maggie home, she immediately showed signs of having major allergies. My perfect little puppy was sneezing and scratching, however, it was springtime in Michigan, so who didn't have allergies? As a few seasons passed, and after seeing several veterinarians and trying tons of prescription medications and diets, Maggie's allergies weren't getting any better.

Unfortunately, Maggie is the queen of health issues. Due to a few other issues, we had her at Michigan State's Veterinary Center. After a few visits, they suggested I try removing all fragrances from my house. I wasn't a fan of plug-in fragrances, but rather was known for coming home and lighting a candle each night after work. I would do anything for my pup, so in following ‘doctor's orders;' I stopped burning candles and stashed the candles in the hall closet for a few weeks. To my surprise, Magnolia's allergies improved immensely!

Puppy Dog

I ditched all of my store-bought candles and declared a candle-free life. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t stand the unpleasant smell of a wet dog, that I really began missing my candles. I thought a lot about why candles were harming Maggie, and how they were affecting my own health. After a lot of resolve, I decided I would make my own candles. This way, I would know exactly what was in them and could ensure they’d be made with high-quality, safe ingredients.

I started a bath and body company when I was 12, so I had a bit of experience and knowledge of the chemistry that goes into concocting a good product.

Puppy Dog

Creating A Clean Burning Candle

With a BA in Entrepreneurship and a history in natural and vegan skincare, I was on a mission to create a line of candles that could be safely burned around pets and the entire family!

I spent month after month doing research on pure, clean materials and scents. I learned about the harmful chemicals that are in traditional candles and how they release toxins into the air when burned. I learned how to achieve a safe and clean burn. With that, I finally ordered some natural ingredients. Each ingredient was so different, and after several months of testing, I was able to come up with a combination of materials that burned clean and produced (in my opinion) the perfect candle!

My perfect candle is 100% free from harmful chemicals and provides a calming burn that won’t release toxins into the air. It was essential that my candle blends, be a mix of oils free of phthalates, parabens, prop 65 ingredients, carcinogens, mutagens, acute toxins, reproductive toxins, and organ toxins. They are also cruelty-free and vegan. While this may seem like a ‘no-brainer,’ many candles on the market are made with fragrances that contain the above toxins. Unfortunately, they may even be labeled as ‘pure,’ ‘soy,’ or ‘vegetable wax’ candles, when really, they’re only using a small percentage of the labeled ingredient. Packaging and marketing can be truly deceptive.

Golden Retriever, Dog

The Launch of Applewood Candle Co.

I produced my first candle in 2018 and after much trial and error, Applewood Candle Co. launched in November 2019!

Now, as I make candles, Magnolia is usually underfoot (or at least within sight of the kitchen), 'helping' me pour candles. I’m ecstatic to say, my perfect helper is COMPLETELY allergy-free!

Applewood Candle Co. Dog

In the last few years, I’ve updated and tweaked our blends, ingredients, and even our wicks. I like to be innovative and play with different blends and scents. In 2020, I started creating statement candles in dough bowls, so my candles became a stunning décor piece.

Over the years, I’ve heard clients say that they’d like an alternative for when they cannot burn candles. In 2021, I added luxury mists and in 2022, I added reed diffusers to the product list at Applewood Candle Co.

Applewood originated because Maggie was so affected by traditional candles and scents that I had to come up with a safe and clean solution. As we grow, we’ll continue to use the highest quality, clean ingredients, so we can help you create a healthy and cozy environment for you and all of your loved ones!

Owner & Dog

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