Client Gifts for Realtors, luxury candles

Client Gifts From Realtors They'll Enjoy & Want To Share With Friends

Purchasing a home is one of the most important days in someone’s life. As a realtor, it makes sense you want to help them celebrate! Client gifts from realtors can be a real hit-or-miss. They need to feel thoughtful, yet remain neutral to fit a wide array of tastes.

Feeling lost on what the perfect client gift is? Don’t be! Gift-giving has always been my love language, so much so that I created a company founded on that very idea. With Applewood Candle Co., I’ve curated a wide variety of custom scents for every palette, with packaging that fits elegantly with everyone's style.

With my help, your thoughtfulness as a realtor will be remembered by family and friends for years to come! 


Client Gifts From Realtors, candles

Why Client Gifts From Realtors Are Important

There are several reasons why client gifts from realtors are important. First, they help to build trust and loyalty with the clients you work so hard to serve. By giving them a thoughtful gift, you are physically showing you care and are putting in the extra effort to think of their happiness. This helps to build a strong and lasting relationship that can lead to future business and referrals.

Second, client gifts help to differentiate you from other realtors. In a competitive market, it’s important to set yourself apart. By giving your clients a memorable gift, you demonstrate that you go above and beyond, and truly value their business.

Finally (and most importantly), client gifts are a great way to show your appreciation. Buying or selling a home is a stressful and emotional experience, so a thoughtful gift can help to ease some of that stress and show your understanding of what the client is going through.

Client Gifts From Realtors, candle ideas

A Complete List Of The Perfect Client Gifts From Realtors

Now that we’ve discussed why client gifts are important, let’s discuss some of my favorite ideas! Client gifts need to be the right mix of personal and professional, so I’ve included a wide variety of ideas that are as unique as the client you’re working with. 

1. The Perfect Candle
A candle is always an exceptional gift idea. As a certified candle connoisseur, I'm probably biased, however, there is just something about bringing a scent into a space that turns it instantly into a home.

Client Gifts From Realtors, candles

2. Gift Sets
Gift sets are an ideal gift if you know your client loves something specific. I tailor my gift sets with a few different candles (in different vessels), and candle accessories including fancy matches, candle snuffers, and wick trimmers. It is the perfect way to show your clients you have been paying attention to both their needs and what they enjoy. Our gift sets also all come with a blank card (in this case, a Congratulations or Thank You card) - if we're shipping this gift for you, we'll even handwrite your card message on your behalf!

Client Gifts From Realtors, gift sets
3. Statement Candles
Dough Bowl Candles are very trendy these days! I love them because, like all of our candles, they double as a décor piece! We use hand-carved dough bowls as our candle vessels. We offer our Dough Bowl Candles in three sizes: the Handle, the Long, and the Statement (below is our Statement candle). These bowls also come in a variety of colors, such as white wash, grey, black and natural - so you can truly personalize this gift so your client's home decor style!

Client Gifts From Realtors, dough bowls
4. A Candle Subscription - the Gift that Gives all Year Long!
A quarterly candle subscription is a flawless gift for clients who love to embrace the seasons and celebrate the holidays! Each candle club subscription will include four curated boxes each box containing three candles that coordinate with the current season.
Client Gifts From Realtors, Candle Club Subscription


Or, to make your candle even more personalized, we can work one-on-one together to design a completely unique fragrance and packaging that reminds clients of your services every time they go to light it. Simply put - I believe no client gift from realtors is better than a candle chosen specifically for your new homeowner. 

Our Pro Tips

We understand that sometimes you cannot burn candles in the homes you're listing, yet you still want to enhance the ambiance of the home with a cozy scent. We offer a few alternatives.

Luxury Mist
Before you welcome your potential homebuyers to your listings, mist the furniture with our room and linen spray. Our mist provides a flame-free gust of scent that will last for days to come!

Client Gifts From Realtors, luxury mist

Reed Diffuser
While candles provide a strong burst of fragrance while lit, reed diffusers provide a light, continual hint of fragrance at all hours of the day.

Client Gifts From Realtors, reed diffuser, candle, luxury mists

Still Not Sure What The Perfect Client Gift Should Be?

That’s understandable! It can be tricky to come up with something thoughtful while still trying to maintain professionalism. 

Client Gifts From Realtors, luxury candle

If you’re still feeling stuck, I’d love to see how Applewood Candle Co. can collaborate with your business to create something custom for both you and your client. Please feel free to contact me here.

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