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Top 5 Ways to Incorporate Scent into Your Wedding Day

You might have a hunch that I, the self-proclaimed Candle Connoisseur herself, take scent very seriously! This was especially true when we tied the knot!

John and I got married last month, and I can’t wait to share the details with you!

Bride & Groom on Wedding Day

It was truly the PERFECT day! We were surrounded by family and close friends. The weather was sunny and gorgeous! My garden party dreams came to life and, finally, we were married!!

In this article, I will share my top five tips on incorporating scents into your special day!

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1. Have Your Own Signature Scent

As soon as John and I started talking about our wedding, I knew I had to blend our own custom scent! Having your own signature scent for your wedding day and wedding festivities allows you to tell your guests your unique story and set the mood for the occasion.

Custom Wedding Candles

Our wedding day mood was elegant, timeless, and classic. Our colors ranged from lush whites with pops of cream, to café and just a hint of blush. I wanted to curate a scent that accented the aesthetic of our big day and chose to ground our scent in a base of delicate white tea, creamy raw honey, and white currant. I further enhanced the blend with middle notes of Italian jasmine and white rose, and finally lightened it up with a pop of lemon zest and mandarin. The final result is a scent that truly embodies elegance and timelessness! It’s a classic blend, and perhaps I’m biased, but I enjoy it so much - I just might be adding it to our Signature Collection in early 2024! 😊

Custom Scented Wedding Candles

2. Candle Escort Favors

Something that I absolutely LOVED doing was creating our Escort Wall with candles! This doubled as our wedding day favors for our guests! There are so many clever escort wall ideas in bridal magazines, on Instagram and throughout Pinterest, but something I haven’t seen before is a candle escort display.

Innately, I brought my vision to life and created my own! Each candle was poured in a linen-hued luxury vessel, in our own signature scent! I then created a label that included our names, our date, and our crest (naturally, Magnolia’s face adorned our crest), as well as a label listing each guest’s name and table number. The guest label was then accented with a beautiful pearl-colored seal and decorated with our crest. Our planners lined up each candle in alphabetical order so that guests could easily spot their name, and then find their seat for the reception.

Quite frequently when we attend weddings, I notice that guests don’t bring their favor home with them – I’m happy to report that NONE of our guests forgot their custom candle at the end of the night!

Candle Escort Wall

3. Pillow Mists

On Friday evening, after our rehearsal dinner, we had an ‘Amalfi Coast meets Garden Party with a hint of Bridgerton’ themed welcome party! I knew I wanted to gift our guests with something extra special to bring back to their hotel rooms, so we created custom ‘Amalfi Orange + Pink Guava’ mists to be used as a pillow and bedding mist! 

Guests were encouraged to ‘Spritz the Night Away’ and grab a Pillow Mist to take back with them before ending the evening. It was the perfect gift, as we also had peach and white candles in the same scent on each cocktail table, and our family and friends were already raving about how good everything smelled! It was nice to be able to give them something special to bring home and remember our wedding weekend!

4. Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Early on in the planning process, I sent custom bridal proposal boxes to all of the ladies in my bridal party, asking them to be a part of our big day. I have a hunch, they all knew that the big question was coming, however, the bridesmaid proposal boxes were a true surprise!

Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes with Candles

Each bridesmaid received what would become our Luxury Bridal Set. This set includes two candles, a wick trimmer, and a set of matches. I then included a beautiful notecard asking them to be in the wedding party!

I now offer this on my website and can even handwrite a personalized note that you’d like to include. We want to take some stress off your busy plate. We can put together each box and card and can ship it directly to your best gals!

Woman Writing Note

5. Infuse Scent Throughout Your Venue

Finally, appeal to your guests’ ‘scent’ sense and infuse scent into your day.

Wedding Reception filled with candles

For our wedding day, we poured hundreds of votives, and over 60 full size candles that were scattered throughout the venue - on reception tables, at cocktail hour, behind the bar, in the bathrooms and even used during our ceremony! This was the perfect way to make sure our guests were constantly in close proximity to our custom blend – something that was important to this candle connoisseur!

Infuse Scent at Wedding, Candles Everywhere

Another fun way to do this is by using Diffusers – great for bathrooms or shelving in your reception area or Luxury Mists - to be sprayed on table linens, furniture, etc..

During our ceremony, when we were lighting our unity candles – mine went out, John then lit mine with his – we both lit a candle together! This was another extra special touch!

Bride & Groom Lighting Unity Candles

Allow Applewood Candle Co. candles to fill your venue with a rich, inviting aroma. Adding candles to your décor is fabulous, however, we take that step a bit further. We aim to enhance your wedding, creating elegance and a gorgeous ambiance, while captivating the senses and magnifying the overall feel of your most special day!

Infuse Scent into Wedding

If you have any questions about adding scent into your special day or if you’d like to schedule a consultation for your own wedding, please contact me here.

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